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Hi I am Olive

Olive Jumping

I am 11 year old my favourite colour is purple, and I live in Italy with my family. We have 7 cats and one of them that we are looking after is named is Ramon. The others cats names are Oscar he has 3 legs, Bazzel he is my cat. He has his own blanket, it is pink and it is actually my dressing gown. Gingey is my brother’s cat and Teo is my twin sister’s cat and there is Fefe and Kitty she is the oldest cat.

Yesterday we had a party for Mum’s birthday, me and my sister and our ‘work awayer’, she came through the website ‘workaway’ Hattie, made the decorations. We had 21 people over including my best friend Chiara. We all had a lovely time. At the end of the day we put on loud music and all danced, including my Granny and Granddad.
My favourite thing to do. I love going to circus with my friends in our car. When we get there we start lessons. We go on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On Tuesday we do cloud swing (also called tissue) and balance which is basically learning how to walk on the tight rope which I know how to do. Also learning to ride a unicycle, walk on a ball and juggle and do hand stands and cart wheels. On a Thursday we do stilts and acting. We have a cloud swing and a tight rope at home.

Amari and I (she my twin sister) share a room and sleep in a double bed. In the corner of our room there is a bed which in the day is a sofa. My brother Jahli sleeps in it a night but he also has his own room. We also have a play room, which has a fire and a sink and a little place to make tea. It has a sofa as well a computer and a table. This place is the place where I do all my stuff, like me and Amari made a cook book there. We are going to put it on the web site.

This is the first thing I have written on the blog about me and I hope you like it bye,
From Olive (p.s Bazzel said ‘Hi’)

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