Jahli and the ball


I am Jahli.

I am 8. I like making airplanes.  I am a little bit creative. I am going to make a book and I think it’s a pretty good idea and it is about how to make paper airplanes. I would be very happy if you would buy it and the rest I don’t know. If you have got any questions please tell me what they are.

I love doctor Seuss books, I think that they are pretty good. I unschool, that you can see as you are on my blog and it is called ‘unschooling the kids’ and I am in Italy. I can speak half Italian and I like painting and drawing pictures of monsters.

I have been to four countries but one of them we just stopped whilst we were flying. I have been to Africa, I have been to England, and right now I am in Italy oh … and I have also been to other one but mum can’t remember where it was exactly.

I do circus and this is a picture I took with my mum’s phone.


Can you guess what the picture is?

I’ll be back in a minute …   …   …   …   …   …

I am back, have you guessed what the picture is! Send me a message if you have guessed.

About the Author Jahli Eldridge-Rogers

  • Lehla Eldridge-Rogers says:

    I think it is…a raspberry?

  • Is that a head bump in your cover picture?? I miss you — looking forward to hearing more of your adventures here!

  • Yay, you did it!! Cool site.

  • Rucha says:

    Hi Jahli, I think the picture is raspberry jelly in a mould with a light underneath, shining through – am I right?? Aunty Ruchaxx

  • Giulio says:

    i know what it is.from giulio

  • Can’t wait to find out as I haven’t got a clue! Gladeana x

  • Hi Jahli. Great to read your blog! I really like that photo – the one of you and the ball. It looks like you have just done this amazing big header like they do in professional football matches. I didn’t have a clue what that other picture was. I thought maybe you had been to some fantastic Italian disco with flashing red lights!
    Nice we can now communicate like this. Keep posting. Lots of love, Simon xx

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