The Funny House which I have made

Hello again, it is Amari and I am going to tell you what I have been up to….. well… I have been doing lots of things but the thing I have worked on the most is my… sort of … model camper van/ plane/ car sort of thing. It is well, I have got small boxes and paper and tissue and lots of other things and made this…

The Flying House

It has got 2 bedrooms, a garden, 1 guest room, a double bed attached to the side, where Mum and Dad sleep. (In the planet where this sort of thing exists it does not rain so they won’t get wet) There is also a pool and an outside table.

So that is the house/car/camper van/plane!

This week I have also given my sister and I a makeover. I have done some painting, finished my model car and written a post as you already know! (I am not going to say the whole thing or we will still be here next week!)


Bye  Amari

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  • Rucha says:

    I love the not raining bit…but how does your garden grow?? And where do the animals live (are there any??). Aunty Ruchaxx

  • Really pleased you’ve had a productive week. Gladeana xx

  • Hi Amari, Fantastic you have a blog! Now we can communicate more easily. This is a mode of transport like no other – with a garden and a pool. Can I have a full-size one? Granny and I are going to Paris for a few days next month. Perhaps this will get us there! Not sure where we would park it though. I had a day’s holiday today and Granny and I went by train to Totnes and walked by the river. Lovely! Lots of love, Simon
    xxx (PS Am I still nincompoop-in-chief?)

    • Amari Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Hi Simon, Your are still the nincompoop in chief and you would have to be in the land of Osloo if you wanted to ride this, love Amari x

  • love that the plants suck
    in water from the atmosphere…clever plants.

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