Doctor Seuss, Cleopatra and the Georgian Lady…

 photo (14)

So this is me when I was learning about Cleopatra as you can see I dressed up as her.

Did you know that she killed both of her sisters?

photo (13)

Olive and I wanted to dress up. So we decided to play about with our hair. For some  inspiration Hattie our “work away” showed us

how to make our hair stand on end with a bottle. Hattie thought that we looked like the twins in Doc Suess, so we decided to dress up as them, as you can see.

I am Thing 1 and Olive is Thing 2 as you can see.

vica cicaboo

Here is a picture of me dressed up as a Georgian lady. Georgian ladies used to have lead in their make up and they used to accidently poison themselves. They also used to shave off their eyebrows and pencil on new ones. They used to cover up their pock marks and scratches and scars, with little black patches shaped as hearts, stars, circles, moons and once we saw a picture of a Georgian lady who had a horse and cart on her face!

By the way I didn’t really feel like writing so I put pictures up instead.

bye from

Amari  bye again

  • Rucha says:

    lovely photos! My favourite Dr Seuss is the one where the two (can’t remember their names) are going north and south and east and west, but meet in the middle and neither one will give way, oh, and Green Eggs and Ham!

  • what fun was had…..and I learnt a lot thankyou.

  • Coletta Canale says:

    Hi Amari
    it’s Anna I’ve been looking at your blog,OH WOW!!!!
    Miss’in you alot please give a big hug from me to your parents.
    Lot’s of love Anna(:

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