Music + Chocolate = Perugia


Hi I am Olive, we live in Italy in Umbria. We are 15 minutes away from Perugia and 15 minutes from  Gubbio and 15 minutes from Assisi. Perugia is a lovely place. I have been there a lot of times. Yesterday we went  the chocolate festival, it was very nice we had lots of chocolate. We had pistachio chocolate, nut chocolate and 2 bars of milk chocolate. After that Dad felt sick, but I didn’t.

We also went there for the Umbria jazz festival. There were 10 thousand people it was amazing. There were about 30 people performing they had drums. We were all dancing the music was very loud, almost 30 times louder than I am playing my music right now and I am playing it loud. So that’s Perugia.

Assisi; lots of people from around the world come and see it. It is where Saint Francesco was, it has lots of very beautiful  churches. Sometimes we go and have lunch at a restaurant there, and it sells my favorite pudding ‘pannacotta’. That is Assisi . Now I have only been twice to Gubbio. Once with Granny and once with my best friend. She lives there so I went there with her. They are all lovely places.

Bye see you next time!

(Oscar said meow.)


  • Rucha says:

    is that a chocolate guitar rockstar?

  • Rucha says:

    forgot to say, great photos Olive!!

  • Coletta Canale says:

    Hi Olive
    it’s Anna here I’ve just read your Blog,WOW!!! I love it , really missing you,Amari and jali!!!
    Look sorry I have n’t been writing lately I’ve been distracted.
    Miss’in and lov’in you lots Anna(;

    • Olive Eldridge-Rogers says:

      What do you mean you haven’t been writing Anna, I got your letter about 2 weeks ago, I think I have been the slow coach, I got your letter and haven’t written one back. Miss you too, Love Olive x

  • Looking like a rock chick!!! Miss you and your lovely family, send love from Storm, Beck, and me of course!!! x

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