A Chick Pea Invention

Ceci pancake

It’s Amari and today I don’t really fell like writing a long post. I just felt like writing a recipe, well it’s more of an idea than recipe. Our family are gluten free, so as you can probably guess we eat gluten free things and this morning we made some chickpea pancakes out of chickpea flour and water. I was thinking about my favourite restaurant in Assisi and my favorite dish they make is ravioli but of course it is made out of gluten pasta and I was wondering if you could make chickpea ravioli. So first you would make two pancakes then you would brush them with egg. After that you could put a filling on one of them and put the other on top then cut it into squares and fork down the edges.

Here is another recipe that you could make with chickpea pancakes.

Vegetarian gluten free chickpea lasagna

So first you get a tin of tomatoes and cook it with some garlic, some salt and some sugar.

Then you get some mozzarella and chop it up. Once you have done all of that make about 5 chickpea pancakes. Then get a baking tray and put some oil in it the put a pancake in it then put some tomato sauce then some mozzarella and continue like this until all your ingredients are gone once you have done that put it in the oven and grill it until ready!

I have not actually tried it so I will get back to you next time and tell you how it went.


From Amari



  • Hey Amari! I’m going to try out those chickpea pancakes – I’ll let you know what Storm & Beck think of them 😉 If you report back that the lasagne is good, we’ll try that too! Love to you xxx

  • Hi Amari, Yumm… that sounds VERY tasty. Maybe I will try it at Beech Hill. Will make a change from Macaroni Cheese!
    Granny and I just had a lovely weekend with one of my oldest friends, Martin, who is also a journalist, his son and daughter, and her boyfriend. They came down from London and stayed at Beech Hill for a long weekend. We took then to Dartmoor – to the beautiful river with the rock with a big hole in it…. do you remember? We had such a nice time. lots of love, Simon x

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