The Cappuccino In The Pan.


Coffee cup

Once upon a time, there was a boy, he found a pan. There were three things in it, some milk, some sugar and some froth. And he said ‘Why is there milk, sugar and froth in this pan?’ And then his sister came in and said ‘Why is there this milk, sugar and froth in this pan?’ And then his Dad came in and said ‘Why is there milk, sugar and froth in this pan?’ Then his Mum said the same thing.

They figured it out. The pan was not normal.

It was a pan that was telling them to make a coffee less cappuccino. Basically, the pan tapped the boy on the foot and whispered ‘Make a cappuccino out of all these ingredients’

They made a cappuccino. And from that day on, he always makes a coffee less cappuccino in the morning, or at three o’clock.


About the Author Jahli Eldridge-Rogers

  • cafemielgirl says:

    delightful! your short story is lovely for many reasons, two of which are that i love coffee, cappuccino, latte, and cortado AND, your not normal pan. 🙂

    • Am not meant to butt in to Jahli’s blog but the funny thing is that he spilt frothy milk in a pan that was below his legs on the shelves and I was a bit frustrated with him and then he said. ‘Don’t worry Mum, I can make a story out if it!’ then out poured the story!

  • Jahli. That is a lovely little story. It is very zen! You can Google ‘Very zen’ to check out what that means if you are not sure …. basically very, very simple, but with an important message about reality
    It was lovely to Skype with you today.
    Love Simon x

  • Hi! My son is also eight and i have been reading your blog today hoping to decide on unschooling. Right now, he is scared to leave his friends in public school and i was hoping you could help him get an idea of what it’s like for you now with having friends but not going to public school. Thank you! I loved your story!

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      This is a message for your son from Jahli
      ‘You could still see your friends just when it is not on a school day. But if they are unschooling aswell you can visit them whenever you want except from when they are away. I find loads of friends whilst I have my adventures, like I go to a shop and I make a friend and I keep on making friends in different places in the world. I go to clubs, I go to circus and I find loads of friends there. You could do a sport if you want friends, but if you don’t want to do a sport you don’t have to. And your not going to be lonely because you will just get more friends when you are having your adventures and if it doesn’t work out for you you could just go back to school!’ A note from Olive ‘Does your son actually want to unschool?If he doesn’t it probably won’t work but if he does he will have loads of fun and adventures’

      • Thanks for your reply Jahli and Olive. I’m sure he wants to have the homeschooling adventures Jahli speaks of, bit he is afraid he will be lonely! You make a great point Olive when you ask if he really wants to do this. I’m going to spend more time with him to see exactly what he is wanting from his education and if we can make it happen together.thanks again for the reply! Have an awesome day!

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Thank you for liking my story aswell it means alot to me.

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