The Cute ‘Rain’ Deer makes a Chick Pea Lasagne

Amari chick pom

Success, I tried the chickpea lasagna recipe and it worked it was very  tasty.

I used 2 mozzarellas and 6 pancakes instead of 1 mozzarella and 5 pancakes.

I put then in two small baking dishes.
​I haven’t tried the chickpea ravioli yet because I just didn’t get round it but I will try this week.

This week I have been making Christmas decorations for around the house, like I made a pomp pom out of a fork, scissors and a ruler !


Check out this video it will show you how to make one !

Our ‘work away’ friend made these things a ball ball and this adorable rain deer!(I wrote it like ‘rain deer’ because I like to imagine reindeers raining from the sky!)

reindeerball ball


From Amari

  • Hi Amari. They look great. It was lovely to Skype with you all today. I miss you,
    Love Simon x

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