The Christmas Trees That You Didn’t Know About.

Olive trees

Hi it is Olive. I am going to tell you about our Christmas trees. I know you are thinking, I know about Christmas trees but I bet you don’t know about our Christmas trees. Every year we have a different tree. When I was one, Mum and Dad were too tired to do one. When we were two we had a small tree made out of beads and wire, made by some African people.

When we were three, we got a ladder and wrapped lights and tinsel around it. It was fun. When I was four we made a metal sculpture out of wire. We papier mashé-ed it then Jackson Pollocked it. Then stuck the ball balls and tinsel and lights on with wire. When I was five we had the ladder (which you will see what it is later)

When I was six we got lots of reeds and put them in a big jar and wrapped lights around them and stuck paper on them. The light shone through it.

When I was seven we did the ladder one again.

When I was 8 we cut down a tree in the forest (that sounds horrible but we did, it was our friend’s forrest and he let us) and decorated it. When I was 9 we got ribbon and at every inch we tied a sweet on it. We tied rocks on one of the ends and spaced them out and hung the other end up. We wrapped lights around it.

When I was 10 we did the same.

When I was 11 we got sticks and sprayed them silver and put them in a pot and added ball balls, light and tinsel.

Well I will tell you what I am going to do this year in my next blog!



  • Kate Oliver says:

    Aaahh it’s a cliff-hanger ending!! Looking forward to seeing this year’s tree. How fun! (I like the sound of the one you made with ribbons and sweets and rocks.)
    We Jackson Pollicked our house before we knocked it down. So much fun to throw paint. I think I threw it soo hard I had to go the the osteo.
    Our family is really enjoying your family’s project.. Keep up the good work!
    By the way, we would love to hear more about your cloud swing.
    Lots of love, Kate (who knew your mum when she was at drama school!)

    • Olive Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Hi Kate thank you for the comments i will soon tell you i will give you a clue it is with boxes bye lots of love olive. 🙂

  • Olive Eldridge-Rogers says:

    hay amari
    your silly you could just tallk to me you live with me nut !!! love olive

  • Hi Olive. So nice to Skype with you today. I am just AMAZED that you can remember every Christmas tree you have had in your life! I think one must have been at Beech Hill.
    Miss you! Will you and Amari email me some time:
    That would be nice Love Simon x

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