The Box Tree

Christmas tree Olive


Hi It’s Olive

Last week, I wrote my blog about all the Christmas trees that we have made and done in my life. I said I would tell you what tree we would do this year. So we made a lovely BOX!!!! Tree. We got lots of boxes every time we went to the shop. We went about 3 times and got about 8 each time so all in all we hade 24. Amari and I cut all the boxes into the right size. Then got the right amount of boxes for each layer and with some wood glue and cellotape and a staple gun Amari and I put the layers together then we put all the layers on top of each other. Then we painted the whole thing white we painted 3 layers of white paint. Then we took it to the place we wanted it and with white tape we stuck it together. We did not hang the decorations we placed them on each layer  and added light and tinsel  it look ‘s AMAZING!!! Bye from

Olive x

  • Rucha says:

    What a fantastic tree! You are so very creative all of you!! And I love your blog, it’s great to hear how you all are and what you are up too…love Rxx

  • Rucha says:

    thanks Olive, you too, look out for Santa…xx

  • ellenrowland says:

    This is indeed a beautiful and unique tree! I love it! Merry Chritmas!

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