An interview with Jahli about Monsters…


One. Where do monsters come from?

They come from my brain.

Monster 1


Two. Where in your brain?

From the ideas section.

Monster 3


Three. Do monsters exist in your brain?

Yes and no. No as they are not real they are just in my brain and yes because I can see them.

Monster 2


Four. If your monsters had a party what would happen?

They would just bring their friends and they would not bring their friends that they do not like.

Monster 4

Five. Close your eyes, what monsters do you see?

A red giraffe, blue spots and a tail that is a lion’s tail and spikes on his back. And the legs of a lion. It eats fruit and meat.

eye monster


Six. What would the world be like if there were no monsters?

Good questions. It would be a monsterless place but it would be a problem because monsters do help the world.

Moster 5


Seven. Should we rename the word ‘Monster?’

No I like the word monster, it is nice.

  • federay says:

    Hi Jahli. I really love your answers and I REALLY love your illustrations. Can I ask another question? You said that monsters help the world. I would like to know: how do monsters help the world? Thank you!

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Like bees help the world, they make honey and different animals help the world. I have no idea how these monsters help the world but they have to some how, as every animal helps the world in a way…so…


    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Federay, Thankyou.

  • Rucha says:

    do your monsters sing?
    ps. I love your drawings too! Aunty Ruchax

  • Noah Gilbertson says:

    Hi Jahli. I really like your thoughts on monsters, they probably live in my head too (I just haven’t found them yet). You have so many cool ideas that you could probably write an entire book of monster knowledge; on that note, it would be great to write a mini story all about them. In the story you could include different types of monsters and their personalities, also you could create some more of those great illustrations. anyway thats just an idea for whenever you’re bored.
    From Noah (Liz’s son)

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Thank you I will definately do a book, it is a really great idea. Actually I will think about making a book. Maybe I could tell you, well maybe we could do it together. So like I tell you the story and you write it down, and then we swap and you tell me the story and I write it down. We could both illustrate it. Love Jahli

  • Noah Gilbertson says:

    i’d love to do that its a great idea. so whats the story

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Once upon a time there was a boy that saw a meteorite coming to his house. He thought he was doomed or dead. It crashed into his garden and inside the meteorite was a spaceship that looked like a monster. Out came 7 little aliens. One was called Stang. The other one Fitt, Thumb, Stip, Stop, Top and Barilla.
      One was very tall and one was very small. One was very big and the other liked figs. One liked the number six, the other one way in to it. He was comitted to everything, if you said it he would do it. The boy thought ‘WOW’ and the aliens said ‘Ow…that hurts’ and the boy said how can that hurt if I didn’t even touch you? They said ‘because you thought about good things and good things are a disgrace in our world, as good thoughts hurt us.But there is one way to make this go away’ they did say. The boy said ‘How’ They said ‘all you have to do is make a switch with your mind so that we don’t get hurt by your kind’….Noah can you please carry on the story? Love Jahli

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