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Olive Jan post

Hello I am Olive

In this blog I am going to tell you about my Christmas. This year we have not bought our Christmas gifts, we have made them. I made my sister a cushion, necklace holder and a sign for are bedroom door, I made Mum an apron and a pencil jar and glasses case, I did Dad a computer bag and chocolates and a pencil case.  I made my brother a weapon bag with arrows in it and ninja stars and a pea shooter in it. So that is what I made.

On Christmas day we all got up and opened are gifts we had a really late breakfast  it was at 11:30. We then played with gifts an till 5:00. Then we  had Christmas LUNCH but it felt like dinner then we watched a movie and ate chocolate and went to sleep .  That was our Christmas what was yours like?

bye and happy new year

  • Hildegard Vietzke says:

    First you should know, who I am. My name is Hildegard Vietzke and I`m the grandmother of your friends Lilas and Lani.

    I`ll tell you how Lilas, Lani, their parents and we grandparents celebrated Christmas this year. In Bavaria, the celebration starts in the evening. So all of us had to do something to prepare all.
    In the morning we took the Christmas tree into our livingroom. The kids had to decorate it with our old decorations from more than 40 years and the new things which Lilas and her sister had tinkered the days before. Then they also had to put on a special Christmas crib with stones and moss from our garden and candles which stood symbolic for the persons in the Christmas story.
    After this we had a simple meal for lunch, a vegetable soup, which Lani likes best!!
    In the afternoon we went to the cemetery. There is a tradition in our town to visit the graves of the departed family members during twilight before Christmas evening. It was nearly dark, many quiet people, many many red candle lights on the graves, a very special atmosphere. Lani took my hand and said: “I like this, it`s so magic.”
    At about 6 o`clock in the evening I read the Christmas story and the kids lightened the candles for the acting persons. Then they got their gifts.
    After that we had a Christmas meal we never had before: We ate fruits from all over the world! We sat together, talked, the kids painted or took videos or or or or …….
    When midnight came a long wonderful day was over!

    Greetings from Bavaria
    Hildegard Vietzke

    Sorry I can`t place fotos for you!:) I`ll try!

    • Olive Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Hello Hildegard,
      Thank you for your message. Your Christmas sounds really nice. At Christmas we had a really big Christmas lunch, your Christmas lunch sounds very nice,

  • Patricia says:

    Hello Olive ~ how fabulous that you made all your gifts for your family!! What was your favourite gift to receive? Our Christmas in Montagu was FABULOUS because Dylan, Nathan and Joshua’s cousins were visiting from Luxembourg, together with both their grannies ~ always special to have family around. The weather was lovely and hot and we had a table groaning with food and pudding (the boys favourite), Send tons of Love and Hugs to all your siblings and to Mum and Dad from us all in Montagu. X xxx X

  • Simon says:

    Hi Olive. It was great to see all those home made gifts on Skype. They were fantastic – and so much more satisfying than going to a shop and BUYING something! Love Simon x

  • Summer says:

    Hi Olive I am Summer the one who is emailing with you.

  • Summer says:

    Why have you not been emailing with me????
    I love talking to you soon much!!!!

  • Summer says:

    Its ok
    . Bye

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