Tom and the 7 aliens

monsters for Noah

Once upon a time there was a boy that saw a meteorite coming to his house. He thought he was doomed or dead. It crashed into his garden and inside the meteorite was a spaceship that looked like a monster. Out came 7 little aliens. One was called Stang. The other one Fitt, Thumb, Stip, Stop, Top and Barilla.
One was very tall and one was very small.

One was very big and the other liked figs.

One liked the number six, the other one way in to it. He was comitted to everything, if you said it he would do it.

The boy thought ‘WOW’ and the aliens said ‘Ow…that hurts’ and the boy said how can that hurt if I didn’t even touch you?’ They said ‘because you thought about good things and good things are a disgrace in our world, as good thoughts hurt us. But there is one way to make this go away’ they did say. The boy said ‘How’ They said ‘all you have to do is make a switch with your mind so that we don’t get hurt by your kind’….to be continued by our friend Noah in London.

  • Simon says:

    Keep writing Jahli! I think there is a budding science fiction writer in there struggling to get out!
    Love Simon x

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