Tenever the guardians of the Earth


Once upon a time there was a cat called Tana and Oak. They loved to be together, they would go everywhere together. They went on adventures together, they would go to places that no one knew of. They went to different planets and different worlds. But somehow they always survived.

It was because they could become one. Tana was a spirit and Oak was magic. Together they created they created a magical spirit called Tenever.

Oak loved to play in boxes and Tana loved to lie in the sun. As one they looked after the galaxy. But one day a witch put a spell on them because she wanted to take over the world and fill it with darkness. She did not want Tenever to look after it. The spell transported them in to the galaxy where they had access to any planet but NOT Earth.

They were never to come back to Earth so they looked after us from outside of Earth. One day they will find a way to come back and will seek revenge on the witch who thought that they were dead. So they soon made a home on a planet that we don’t know of and now they call it the Cat Kingdom. You might sometimes hear a little faint ‘Meooow’ coming from space…

About the Author Olive Eldridge-Rogers