Who will finish our story….

finish our story


Our Story…

In a small and boring village up a small and boring hill lived small and bored girl and her small boring sheep.

Every day she would get up at the same boring time eat the same boring breakfast get dressed in the same boring clothes and walk up the same boring hill and feed her same boring sheep .


That was pretty much all she ever did .

She was very bored as you can tell.


One day wails she sat on the hill feeding the same boring sheep  she saw  an eagle, she followed it until she came to the edge of a cliff she wished the eagle had gone in the opposite direction so she could follow it until she got to the ocean. She sat on the edge of the cliff wondering if it would ever come back. She lay down and fell asleep.


When she opened her eyes she saw her mum her dad and her sheep surrounded around her , she sat up and looked around she was in her bedroom “what happened “she said we heard the sheep bleating like crazy so we went to see what was the matter only to find you hanging of the edge of the cliff they said.

So me and your mum pulled you up and carried you back.


All of a sudden she remembered her dream it was that: under the bush with the pink flowers in the forest was a secret treasure “I have to go” she said as she got out of bed and ran out the door. She run up the hill past the tree and towards the edge of the forest, she stopped in front of a big bush , then she crawled in.


 It was hollow inside .  She went over to a little twig stuck in the ground she pulled it out and started to dig where it had been. She had been digging for about an minute when suddenly she saw a plastic bag she picked it up and wiped of the dirt. Inside it was a little silver bead she picked it up and starred at it hoping something would happen nothing did . She walked home sadly

She really had thought something amazing was in there something like a ticket to Hawaii or a treasure box . She sat down by the tree on the top of the hill and chucked the bead in to the field by this time the sheep had caught up all of a sudden the sheep started flashing multi colors  then the front of the tree slid away and the next thin she knew….

(this is where Amari’s story stops and Layla an unschooler from America starts…)

Was that she was falling down, down, down. . . . . . . . Where she landed on a bouncy bed. 

A white rabbit in a red vest stared at her, a chocolate heart frozen inches from his mouth.

The girl sat up, finding the bed very, very bouncy indeed. She stared at the rabbit and thought how nice it would be if he talked. Her boring sheep never did. Laughing to herself, she decided never to  return home! What fun to go on an adventure finally!

She tried to get off the bouncy bed and realized that she was stuck! She could not get off the bouncy bed. She tried and tried and tried but with no prevail. She began to think that adventures were rather horrid after all and she much preferred boring life to being stuck on a bouncy bed. She frowned at the rabbit crossly.

“I say, rabbit,” She began, “Do you think you could get me off, please?”

“No,” Said the rabbit, munching his chocolate and staring at her, “You need to have a silver bead ticket to get off and you haven’t any.”

How she wished she had not thrown the bead away!

“Alright, rabbit,” She said mournfully, “I will ahve to stay here then!”

Then she brightened, “Hey! I know where my ticket is! I threw it into the field with my sheep! Will you fetch it for me, please rabbit?”

“Tickets are poisonous to sheep,” Said the rabbit earnestly.

“Oh no! What a rotten adventure!”

“I  never said i would not fetch it for you,” Said the rabbit crossly.

He disappeared in a flash. 

The girl waited and waited.

The rabbit finally returned.

He gave her the bead.

The next thing she knew. . . . . . . . . 


BY LAYLA AND AMARI TO BE CONTINUED BY WHO EVER WISHES TO! If you want to finish the story write the rest either in the comments or you can e mail my Mum and she will attach it to this story!


Layla the author from America (in case you get mixed up with my Mum Lehla!) this other Layla also has a blog where she writes stories have a look here.

About the Author Amari Eldridge-Rogers

  • ellenrowland says:

    Hi Lehla,

    This is such a great idea! And what a great collaborative story!
    Here is my son Jamie’s (10 years old) version of the end. I typed it for him because it came tumbling out of his mouth!

    She saw a wide open door. She passed through the door and found herself inside a giant castle. Inside the castle she discovered lots of other kids who had also found magic beads. Each kid had either a dog or a cat. Suddenly there was a big, jolly woman wearing a red cape and a grey fedora who said,

    “come change your clothers children. You have worn the same boring clothes for too long. Everybody switch!”

    Once they changed clothes, a huge bell rang and the rabbit with the red vest said, “it’s time to eat”.

    All the kids were happy because they each got to eat something different and the girl felt happier than she ever had in her life. She discovered that the magic bead gave her a way to have a better life because everything was different than her old boring life. Every morning there was a different breakfast, a different animal to feed and a new friend to play with.

    When you find treasure and it doesn’t work right away, be patient. There’s always something magic right around the corner.

    “Everything will be alright in the end. And if it’s not alright, it’s not the end.” *

    (*He took this quote from the movie we watched last night, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel”

    XO Ellen

  • farseems says:

    Beautiful story tellers, each one of them. Loving it.

  • ellenrowland says:

    Hi Amari

    Its Jamie. She goes back home with her sheep but she can go to the castle whenever she wants with the magic bean. She has lots of storys to tell so she writes a book. You should write a book to.

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