Me, Mum and a talk about Minecraft

Jahlis minecraft pic for post

Me (as in Mum): Why do you like Minecraft?

Jahli: Because it is fun and I like making.

Me: If you had to describe Minecraft to someone who who had never heard of it how would you describe it, in a sentence?

Jahli: I’d say it is a very fun game on an electronic sort of t.v thing, a computer. The game is fun dangerous and cool.

Me: What do you want to happen in Minecraft?

Jahli: Nothing really I think it is good to go. Oh I wish though that in Minecraft if you died you could still have all your stuff and you could come back to where you want to. I would like someone to join me on Minecraft and whoever can, that would be brilliant. Message me in the comments if you want to join me.





  • Brandy says:

    Ha! My 8 year old, Emmett, would love to join you in mine craft. I hope he knows how to do that…I dont! We unschool on a high country station in New Zealand.

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