The girl who jumped too far in to space…

Amaris stars

Once there was a girl. She did neat and tidy things like sewing, reading and drawing all day. She wore neat and tidy clothes and wore her hair in neat and tidy braids. She wore pink ribbons to keep them from unraveling.On her way to the market with her neat basket and dainty steps, she always passed the pond first and then the mud pits. They were always filled with boys and girls swimming and wrestling and getting dirty in the mud and water.To the girl it seemed like such fun. How she longed to get dirty! But she did not dare to get her lace petticoats wet and muddy.One day she dreamed of mud and water and dirt.

Her mother asked what she was thinking about and she replied, “I am thinking of dirt and mud, mother dear.’’

And her mother frowned and went to talk to her father, saying she must be ill or something.

And while she was gone, the girl slipped out of the house and ran as fast as she could down to the pond, her braids streaming in the wind.

When she got there, she pulled off her pretty petticoats and jumped in with joyful screams.

When her mother and father came out and saw what she had done, they were furious but she was happy.

They told her to come back in and clean herself up!

She resentfully trudged back in.

When she finally got her hair braided and her clothes clean it was about 9 o’ clock .

She had really enjoyed getting muddy !

So she went into the kitchen where here mum and dad where sitting and said “I am leaving home, you want to stay tidy and  I want to get messy so I  have diced to go live in outer space “ !

NO ! her mother said

dad what about you she asked

I agree with your mother .

And how on earth are you going to get there?

A where are you going to live ? said her father

I will get there in a space ship and I will live on the moon!

After an hour of negotiation they finely came  to a conclusion

She would go up to space but only for a week.

She ran back into her room and packed her bag.

She packed:

1 . A gun ( to shoot down any bad aliens)

2. A invisible space suit

3. Some clothes

4. A sketch book

5. A pen to write in the sketch book

6. And her teddy called ducky (it was a duck )

“Finished” she said as she ran out side bye mother bye father I will see you in a week, she went to the shed got into the rocket and within 20 minutes she was in space.

The person how was driving the space ship wasn’t actually a person he was an alien. He said they would go to his planet first, okay she said there is just one problem the gravity is different so we can’t park our space ship on it we have to park it on the moon and jump on to my planet .

Okay she said so when I say jump you have to JUMP.  As they flew nearer to the aliens planet she could feel the gravity pull but he could not because he was an alien. She could feel it getting stronger and stronger and stronger, she could not take it any more she jumped out but just a second to soon she flew though space and the next thing she knew was …. To be continued by who ever wants to…

By Amari Eldridge Rogers and Layla ftom America, you can see more of her writing here.