What Happens to your Teeth




Tooth Animal


So you think a fairy comes and takes your teeth but actually a fairy can’t pick up your teeth they are too heavy. A fairy comes on a dragon. It is the dragon that picks up your teeth with its legs. They take it to Fairy Land, who’s name is Fairy Pairy Tiddly Tairy.

With the teeth they make houses and powder. The grind the teeth so fine that it is like salt and they put this on their food. They put the teeth through a machine, only the big teeth, then, when they come out the other side of the machine they make Teeth Animals. They have no flesh and blood they are walking skeletons.

But they are friendly.

Next time you put your tooth under a pillow, think before you do it.


A Story by Jahli

  • Liz Chadwick says:

    Hey Jahli I love your story, somebody once mistook me for a tooth animal, but I don’t think he was wearing his glasses, so he could not see me properly!

  • readybed says:

    Delightful, absolutely delightful!

    With much love from a cold and very wet Cape Town

  • Oh no, now I’m kind of worried as I’ve got a REALLY wobbly tooth – my tooth is 176 years old. It used to belong to a terrible troll. She was my grandmother and her tooth lives on in me. What if, as I sleep with my mouth open tonight, the tooth dragon thinks my tooth needs to come out (I am only 30cm tall so he may think I’m a tiddly toddler…) Please send instructions on how to stop tooth dragon getting lost, coming in to my tiny bedroom all airy-fairy to steal a tooth from this tiddly toddler with an overgrown tooth passed down from a terrible troll from a faraway land called Tairy Pairy Tiddly Fairy…

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      Advice…try and trick the dragon but the dragon knows how to get in, it makes it easier for him though if you make it harder…my advice is if the tooth is in the mouth, then the dragon won’t come. Don’t worry he won’t pull the tooth out.

    • Jahli Eldridge-Rogers says:

      If it falls out, close your mouth!

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