How to Look After Yourself as a Homeschooling/Unschooling Mum; No 2


Be nice to  yourself.

This applies to everybody. If I am not nice to myself as a mother I am not really nice to anyone else around me. So this means listening to what I need to do for myself. So this can  be anything as simple as making time to jump into a candlelit bath at night, to going for a walk at some point in the day to taking time to meet a friend, or cooking something really lovely for myself. Carve out time for yourself and give yourself permission to enjoy that time and as best as you can. Have some time away from your children. You will come back refreshed you will be a better parent for it. I know that over the years I have struggled to give myself permission to do things on my own but when I do I am better for it.

Be nice to yourself.

How are you going to look after yourself today?


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