Day 6; Do Exercise you love!




Do exercise that you love…

I am not good at running, I often think, why I am running? Nothing is chasing me, is it? The truth is when I go running I don’t massively enjoy it, I know people that do but it has never clicked with me. I think if I was hunter gatherer type I might be the one that gets eaten by the lion…So the trick I have found is to do exercise that I actually like. I LOVE dancing and swimming. So I do my best to swim every day, I am lucky as right now we are staying by the sea and I am hugely grateful for the moments I have in it.

If there is exercise that you love then find that and do it. Do it in your bedroom, or in the kitchen! Give yourself the gift of looking after your body and get your heart pumping, this will make you feel better and ultimately you will be a happier healthier parent and homeschooling or unschooling your kids will be a whole lot easier.


Here is a link to our new book ‘Jump, Fall, Fly’ from schooling, to homeschooling to unschooling.