Do you Talk to the Kids about the Future?

From where I am sitting right now, everything is perfect, I am surrounded by families having lunch, chatting, smiling and laughing. I am the odd one on her computer amidst a restaurant full of people

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You don’t need school to learn maths.

There is so much available, it is all there for free, isn’t that amazing!? Education for everyone who has a phone and an internet connection. Everyone can learn at their own pace. It is all out there

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Tis the season not to be triggered.

A loving reminder/question for all of you entering in to the Christmas season with family and friends. Can you stay in your truth and not get triggered?

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Are you good at self care on this parenting journey?

‘If you are a parent can you please put on your oxygen mask first before putting a mask on your child’ the flight attendant says that on the plane. I think ‘that can’t be right? Can it?’

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