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Do you Talk to the Kids about the Future?

From where I am sitting right now, everything is perfect, I am surrounded by families having lunch, chatting, smiling and laughing. I am the odd one on her computer amidst a restaurant full of people eating, in fact the waiters may ask me to leave in a minute…

If I take a quantum leap into the unknown and believe what I have been reading (Thank you Jonathan Safran Foer for talking about belief in We are the Weather) it is clear to me that it isn’t looking pretty.

I think I am grieving for a future that hasn’t happened yet.

My 13 year old son says to me last night ‘I guess this climate change thing is really going to get me’ and in that moment I am not sure how to answer. My friend who is with me says ‘the world will be perfect, us humans have everything we need right now to turn it all around’ I, inside, think we may have what we need but we have no time and not enough is being done. How do I say that to my kids? They read it all on social media and they know what is going on. There was a Radio 4 programme the other day about how to talk to your kids about climate change and my daughter shouts from the other room, ‘We know it all already!’

My husband steers me towards the positive, like the work Peter Diamandis is doing, I must read his book and perhaps redress the balance because I feel sad and when someone denies climate change I feel disbelief followed by compassion. I don’t want to believe it either but we are in the 6th mass extinction, I remember the insects that used to splat on my Dad’s windscreen in the 70’s, where have they gone?

Then I wonder what could be helpful.

Do I teach my kids to be gardeners? Move somewhere remote? How selfish is that, when I really feel that we are all connected, that my kid is your kid. I want to help everyone (which is not realistic) not just my family. Do I join the Red Brigade? Or will everyone soon visually tire of those beautiful eerie people in red walking slowly and gracefully towards trouble to remind us of all the damage that we have done and that doom is on it’s way so we better wake up and get our shit together. Do I make my own band of black doomsday people, to remind people that the clock is ticking? To remind people and myself is why I went to Extinction Rebellion in London, this is why I stood on stilts with a hand less clock around my neck that said ‘NOW’ in the rain.

This is why I will continue to stand up and be a stick in the spokes of a relentless wheel. I am not perfect, I have environmental flaws in my lifestyle, I am a work in progress but I am doing what I can and I feel we can all do so much more than we think we can. But I will also start to look towards the positive, like this article on green roofs in New York. There is so much good news out there and this is where I will point my mind.

If (or should I say ‘when’) a wave of environmental change and disaster is coming then I want to know that I have done something not just for me and my kids but for all of our kids and all of us. Now is the time for us all to positively and from the heart, connect with each other more than ever before. I think it is time to step up. Am welcome to any positive information, please do send it this way in the comments below. We need to read the good news. I need to read the good news! Sent with love and by the way, how do you talk to your kids?  #climatecrisis #environment #climatechange #ourchildren #ourfuture #fridaysforfuture #exctinctionrebellion #jonathansafronfoer 

Lehla is the co author of Jump, Fall, Fly from schooling, to homeschooling, to unschooling



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Lehla’s First Unschooling Post.

Lehla and the Kids

Here we are we have been talking about writing a blog for a long time. I have tried to take our son’s portrait, he told me how to do it, I had to try and make him look like as if he is standing on a small toy car but it didn’t work. So Ant took his shot. My daughters have been busy tapping away….it is nice. It feels like an exciting family project and we are all in on it. The kids love the idea, I love it and here we are. A bit of a learning curve for everyone…

So that is me in the picture under the kids. After having had my daughter try and style a picture of me. I previously had on an apron, was holding a computer, had The Art Book under my arm and was holding a saucepan and a cup of tea. After that picture was taken, I looked at it and I realised I look mad. So Ant’s idea was to pile the children on top of me and it kind of fits and I won’t be able to do that picture in a few years as they will grow and with them on top of me, I will most likely stop breathing.

So whilst lying in bed this morning and not being able to go back to sleep, I asked myself the question, why am I doing this website? Here are some reasons why.

To connect with the rest of the world, to meet fellow unschoolers, home educators and people who aren’t necessarily unschooling their kids but are curious as to what the whole concept is about.

To connect with alternative educators, divergent thinkers, creatives, writers, artists, poets, scientists, historians, dancers, actors, in fact to connect with everyone. Basically to connect with people who have a passion for life and for sharing learning. It is a way of opening up our world. Especially for the kids as well as for us.

To use this website as a way to help the kids with the basics, like spelling, sharing concepts and ideas. To support them and help them with their story writing, where ever that takes them. Also thrown in to all of this is that they are learning about the technology behind doing a blog (me too). What is a post? Why do people post? How do you upload a picture? Which picture? How do you be clear when you write, etc? Why do you add links to things? It seems to, at the moment, really motivate them and inspire them and it has got them thinking and tapping away on the keyboard. Also they have to think about photography and images, so I think it is a perfect tool for learning.

So as for posts from me, I guess I will dig in to what being an unschooling parent looks like, from my perspective but who knows where this will take me…. I also want to share thoughts, ideas, tips, films, talks, pictures, paintings, recipes, resources and ideas. (I have stumbled upon some great resources so far on this journey.) I am hoping that this website can be a kind of positive exchange for people, whether you are an unschooling family or not. I would like it to be a place in which to connect and share interesting stuff and to give a bit of a snap shot as to why and how our family are unschooling here up on a hill in Italy.

Ok, everyone is asleep and I am off to silently sneak in to the kitchen make a cup of tea…

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