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Great grades without years of schooling? Yes! Here is the recipe.

These self directed learners are on their way to A Levels. For me it is not about the grades at all, it is about their path, their journey and who they want to be and what they want to learn.

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Community, Parenting and Reaching Out to your Tribe

A while back we met up with five other unschooling/homeschooling families. It was great to be in community. Our tall friend, who was one of the fathers in the group said to our small son, who was grappling

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Uplifting the Next Generation and Gently Changing the Course of History during a Global Pandemic

So, here we are now in this moment and we have the power to make everything change, we can do things differently. In an instant we have the choice to think about how we show up. Even if we are completely

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What on earth is the difference between homechooling and unschooling?

Due to the coronavirus pandemic so many people are in lockdown and they suddenly find have thier children at home. There is some confusion as what on earth Unschooling actually is. So for clarity here

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