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Anthony We all get focused on those small important things in our lives. We become focused and attached to behaviours and things that we have decided are either important and that feel compelling, or

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What does it mean to be self directed? Most people consider that they are self directed. They will believe they make decisions freely for themselves and their families and that they are autonomous in their

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The Best Time to Embrace Alternative Education is Now

We as a family are social distancing. I write this from my bed, my daughter is in isolation and coughing in the next door room, the other one is in here finishing her college essay, I can hear my son gaming

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Do you Talk to the Kids about the Future?

From where I am sitting right now, everything is perfect, I am surrounded by families having lunch, chatting, smiling and laughing. I am the odd one on her computer amidst a restaurant full of people

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Tis the season not to be triggered.

A loving reminder/question for all of you entering in to the Christmas season with family and friends. Can you stay in your truth and not get triggered?

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