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Some of your questions answered about Unschooling

Are you taking the kids out of society if they are not in school? Schooling is not the only gateway to social interaction or societal involvement. So yes we are definitely part of society. If you see society

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That moment when the whole family go VEGAN…

It was one lunch time sitting around the table that my husband started talking about values and that we don’t always do what we say we do, even though we really try to. He went on to talk about the parmesan,

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You don’t need to go to school to be a self made millionaire

This morning my husband shows me the Instagram account of a self made Italian millionairess who has made her fortune via Instagram. She just takes pictures of herself, in various outfits, looking sometimes

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Teachers, We Need to Talk about the Children.

I come from a family of teachers and have been an unofficial teacher myself in many ways, including a spell of homeschooling my own children. Now I find myself to be an unschooling parent but if you were

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Could Minecraft hold the key to the future of how kids learn…?

  ‘That is it I have got it, the future if education is Minecraft’ I say to my husband then he looks at me across the kitchen coffee in hand, ‘erm, am not sure you are right there’ he says.

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Our mechanic crashed our car prior to going to this unschooling/homeschooling event. Yes, you read that right. So the five of us were left with a very small 4 seater car which belonged to the garage.

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