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Some of your questions answered about Unschooling

Are you taking the kids out of society if they are not in school? Schooling is not the only gateway to social interaction or societal involvement. So yes we are definitely part of society. If you see society

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The First Step towards Unschooling is Unschooling yourself

  Three sentences ring out when I think back on our five year journey of unschooling   ‘Just let me live my life’ ‘Mum, the best thing you could do with my reading, is leave me alone’

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Freedom and the Free Mind

The book is coming out soon and my thoughts have turned to a key question about raising kids and what might we mean when we say we want them to be ‘free’? This led me to ask what is a ‘free’

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The Joy of being with an Unschooler when they are Learning to Read

‘I will read when I can read’ were my sons words. At aged ten he is on the edge of flying in to the world of words. The ‘not being able’ to read bit will soon be a sweet memory. I sit with him

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Should You Tame the Uncorked Child?

  un·cork (ŭn-kôrk′) tr.v. un·corked, un·cork·ing, un·corks 1. To draw the cork from. 2. To free from a sealed or constrained state. Our friends came around the other day, they are in their thirties

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