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Keeping Kids and Ourselves Creative is so Important in Challenging Times

When the news is all gloom and doom it is easy to give up and think ‘whats the point’ but I feel that now is the time to be extra creative, what ever that means to you. I was very lucky to

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Our Unschoolers want projects! Ideas for Project Based Learning.

So last night as I tucked the kids in to bed one of my daughters said.   ‘Mummy, I want homework. Could you give me a project, make me do it and if I don’t do it be really mean to me?’ We both

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What on Earth is ‘Strewing?’

  It does not mean making a stew. Here are a few examples of strewing. 1.  Anthony bought ‘The Big Book for Loo’ a book about interesting facts. It is by the toilet in the bathroom. In effect

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