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Are you good at self care on this parenting journey?

7 steps to remind you and me of self care. As self care should always be a priority and what we do influences how our children look after themselves.

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When unschooling there is no such thing as a late reader

We carry on driving, there is the sound of three children turning pages. I watch the road and realize he is on his way. I am so happy that I have never made him learn to read and that this is his journey,

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Keeping Kids and Ourselves Creative is so Important in Challenging Times

When the news is all gloom and doom it is easy to give up and think ‘whats the point’ but I feel that now is the time to be extra creative, what ever that means to you. I was very lucky to

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This Week the Kids Helped Me Start a Business

Our kitchen is so loud, this is where we all work, play, cook and do our thing. Over the last few days our kitchen has become our office, our kitchen table has been a humming heaving mess of computers,

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Am Excited as an Unschooling Mum to be part of Skype’s Literacy Campaign!

Some of you who follow my blog might be wondering why is Lehla doing a literacy campaign for schools?? When she is an unschooling Mum?!! Here are the reasons, I love the fact that that I can connect with

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A Sonnet to Minecraft

I love the way you have been so thoughtful and that the music that twinkles in the background when you are present is actually very soothing to my adult ear. The way you guide my child through the land

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