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A Free Ebook on Learning to Read as a Self Directed Learner

I stopped worrying about making my daughter learn to read, at aged 10, once I listened to her words. She said ‘Please can you stop worrying about me reading and just leave me alone’ and this

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Step Back and Give Them Freedom

    ‘Please put your shoes on’ were the words that came out of my mouth, we were about to walk to the beach. My son in his pyjama trousers, bare footed, free spirited. There are days

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Unschooling or Mainstream Education?

Imagine a child supported by an adult who assists them in their journey whilst they follow their dreams and passions. It is kind of like this… ‘I am not going to tell you what to do, when or

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The Way I Talk to My Kids Matters.

    Simply put, if you talk to them with respect, they flourish.   I don’t want to go for a long walk. Yes but you have to. Why. Because I said so.   If you said that to me you might

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