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Unschooling and the Fear of Failing

I heard a lovely interview on the radio the other day with a man whom I think is brilliant. He is Sugata Mitra and he won the TED Prize to work on something called S.O.L.E. projects. Which stands for Self-Organised

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Unschooling and the art of letting go of fear.

It is so easy to be gripped by fear. Fear is like a witch casting spells over everything. I can excel in hooking on to her skirt of anxious thoughts, I can fly with her but, in the land of unschooling

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Chocolate, betrayal and a morning after headache

Two things happened this week that on first glance appear unrelated. But then, as we know, when we look a little closer and reflect on it we see that everything is connected and related. So first. In my

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