Tis the season not to be triggered.

A loving reminder/question for all of you entering in to the Christmas season with family and friends. Can you stay in your truth and not get triggered? 

Can you be aware when you are getting stressed?

This can be a time of year when tensions rise. So for any of you out there who are mixing with the button pressers remember this, breathe through any awkward questions. Remember to lovingly keep your boundaries and be gentle with others and yourself.

Sometimes people can be curious about different ways of raising kids and they ask questions. If things gets directed at you and your curious lifestyle then remember this beautiful quote by Terry Cole Whittaker ‘What you think of me is none of my business’. You do what you do because it works for you and your family. It is that simple.

A Sweet Quote to get you through the tricky times

This is originally from The Hmmmschooling Mom and I posted it on the Facebook Page the other day, I have slightly altered it here to fit a Christmas theme…

There is no award for the homeschooliest homeschooler, Christmasiest Christmas,
So maybe just just concentrate on what ever glorious mix
life joy and learning celebration that works for your family during this festive season.

How we do it 

We do it as cheaply, creatively and as eco friendly as we can. We make our Christmas trees and we spend our money on experiences not stuff. As most stuff ends up in landfill and it is the experiences you take to the grave. George Monbiot writes about the over buying of Christmas stuff brilliantly here.

Unschooling, life and Christmas is about having fun

Unschooling is life, and living it to its full capacity. By following every dream and thread until it becomes realised and playing so much that learning happens effortlessly. It is a by product of living life as fully as possible. 

So I am sending you much love and good wishes and may you all have a fantastic stress free beautiful Christmas season, where ever you may be.

Oh by the way Read this if you want to know about being really triggered, my story about the Woodman in Italy. And if want to read more about our unschooling journey over the Christmas holidays whilst you have your feet up, you can buy our book Jump, Fall, Fly from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling here.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels