"Every parent, teacher and educationalist should read this!"

- Ewout Van-Manen FRSA

From Schooling to Homeschooling to Unschooling

This book compassionately probes the challenges facing parents and their children when it comes to education and learning. . . and maps a way forward that is both inspiring and, at times, breathtaking.

We share all the tips and knowledge we have gained during our journey.

  • Self Directed Learning: The transition to self directed learning can be tricky (we know!) as kids and parents can get confused. It's process and we share how we did it.
  • Being an Unschooling Parent: It requires adjustment and some personal development. We have had plenty! It is entirely worth it when you remember several basic facts about what you are trying to do.

Wow, is all I can say! ....I liked the way you had two voices and blended your own experiences with helpful comments as well as references to medical and/or academic bits (like comparing the aims of school with unschooling). Sharing your own fears, experiences but always with the children in mind worked so well and came across

Gladeana McMahon
Executive Coach / Author

"Jump, Fall, Fly"is especially pertinent to those requiring a bit more guidance through possibly one of the greatest paradigm shifts we as contemporary adults of a stagnant and lumbering industrialised system will (and for the sake of our children - must) face in our lifetime!

Duncan MacFarlane
South Africa

Lehla is a brave experimenter in all things family and she inspires each of us to question why we do things the way we do them. 

Penelope Trunk
Serial entrepreneur, Career coach, Blogger

The wonderful mix of story telling and the Lehla and Anthony's personal reflections of the day to day experiences brings the unschooling journey alive in a very rich way.

Zakiyya Ishmail
Freedom Fighter (for children)

Zakiyya writes at www.growingminds.co.za

In the book you will discover


We explain how you can develop your resilience and feel good about the choices you are making even in the face of social disapproval which can sometimes be overwhelming. We talk to you openly from the heart about how we did it and how you could too. And we give you insight from our 7 keys on the way!


Navigating into unschooling life from a structured system or starting from scratch means changing some of how you show up as a parent. We look at the philosophical implications and show how you can avoid the pain points. Unschooling the parents is as much a part of the unschooling life as unschooling the kids!


Children feel the energy of everything. If you feel disincentivized, lost and purposeless they will feel it too. There is though no better feeling than seeing your children flourish and developing their own passions and purpose. We give you some clear guidelines on how to do this using coaching tools backed up by neuroscience.


Stepping into heartfelt choices about life with your children is exciting and energising. It takes a village to raise a child and in unschooling, while it may be the road less travelled, we need to think about the people we are in community with more than ever. That means managing who you listen to and who supports you.

About the Authors

Lehla Eldridge

Lehla is a published author, illustrator, painter and actress.

She is the author of the best selling cookbook The South African Illustrated Cookbook published by Penguin/Random House and The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women published by Pinter and Martin. Her illustrations for Excuse Me, I'm Trying to Read won the N.A.E.S.P best picture book category in 2012 in the U.S.

She blogs extensively about self directed learning and has written for Life Learning Magazine, Bella Mia Magazine and The Guardian.

Anthony Eldridge-Rogers

Anthony is professional coach, workshop leader, facilitator and author.

He has devised all the content for a speciality coach training in the healthcare sector. He runs an international coach training organisation, FRC Worldwide, and works in UK, US, Asia and Africa.

He has developed a coaching model, Meaning Centred Coaching which lies at the heart of all his coaching work. He has two books coming out later this year in addition to Jump, Fall, Fly

What people are saying

…these guys will try ANYTHING – with a furious, tenacious, honest and giggly joy. And if there is a rule to their game it seems to be that anyone can join in and ANYTHING might happen. To be in their company is a little bit of magic.

Federay Holmes (Actor/writer)

Anthony is a visionary who makes things happen. He has a range of skills enhanced by having worked across a number of sectors. He is an excellent communicator with a passion for his work and a real desire to make a difference

Gladeana McMahon
Executive Coach, Author

This makes more sense to me than anything else I have read on kids and reading. I love it and it’s exactly where I feel we are with my son who’s definitely in the saddle trotting but not quite galloping. Lovely words to inspire and soothe x

Sophie Saunders

You are doing amazing things with your kids and inspiring others. 

Ellen Roland 
Writer (Website)

Ellen writes at a www.amuddylife.com

Thank you so much for writing such a clever and moving article!

Maria Armignago 

Lehla I love your blog so much. I am so happy you guest blogged on Penelope’s education blog or I would’ve never come across you.

Karelys Beltran 
Parent Educator

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"The Eldridge-Rogers family are an absolute delight to know and it's a privilege and joy to have them in our lives. Each one of them in their unique way is talented, creative, bright and funny. Ant and Lehla teach their children what is truly important about people and life with humility and honesty, knowing that they too are learning all the time. They are our favourite family and we love them to bits!"

Coletta Canale (Child Psychotherapist)

"Great piece of observation and writing. What is up anyway!?"

Miranda Peters

"Dear Anthony, thank you for writing this honest, personal and very true piece of men/fathers, education and our society."

Torsten Klaus

"What a Breath Of lovely fresh air in the midst of lots of the highs and lows of schooling my three children including a 7 year old boy. I’ve found such hope and mirrored experiences in you posts"

Tania Summers

"Lehla I love your blog so much. I am so happy you guest blogged on Penelope’s education blog or I would've never come across you."

Karelys Beltran

Quotes from The Lovely Book

"Lehla's delightful hints for happiness are so potent I am amazed that they are available without prescription. Take one three times a day. At least"

Jon Cousins - Founder, Moodscope.com

"The Lovely Book for Wonderful Women is full of wonderful thoughts and lovely drawings. It shines brightly and illuminates life even for a non-woman, like myself!"

Steven Appleby - Cartoonist and illustrator

“Finally, a book that celebrates being a woman, being happy and being abundantly blessed...the perfect gift for the wonderful women in your life”

O Magazine-The Reading Room