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We use our story & experience to show how to create new stories of learning, happiness and success for adults, children and parents.

We show how changing the way we approach work, play and creativity will better equip us to be fully present today, fulfil tomorrow and thrive in the future.

We believe great ideas and insight are of little use unless they can be turned into action that works. So we aim to make sure people walk away with concrete ideas and tools to implement them.

Tools that they can use and experiment with right away, improving their family and professional lives.

Our talks focus on concrete practices that lead to clearer focus, improved confidence, and better collaboration.

Where possible we customise our keynote talks for the audience and we also can develop custom talks for specific occasions.

Penelope Trunk

Serial entrepreneur, Career coach, Blogger

Lehla is a brave experimenter in all things family and she inspires each of us to question why we do things the way we do them.

Gladeana McMahon

Author, Executive Coach

Anthony is a visionary who makes things happen. He has a range of skills enhanced by having worked across a number of sectors. He is an excellent communicator with a passion for his work....

Our talks / workshops come in three formats


The 45 minute talk with a 45 Q & A  - ( 45 min presentation / talk / performance / activity - 45 Q & A - Total Time 1.5 to 2 hrs)


A Half Day (usually morning ) workshop ( 3.5 hrs)


The Whole Day Workshop - A mix of Games, Coaching, Brainstorming, Learning & Illumination - Collaborative, Creative & Practical

Our Audiences (who should come?)

When it comes to education and learning we know this is a topic that concerns us all, as well it ought, as it defines the future. We are particularly keen to spend our time talking to Parents, Parents to be, EducatorsTeachers and Lecturers.

Having spent most of our lives as project and business creators ( aka Entrepreneurs ) we share insight into how to foster entrepreneurial traits in young people and adults, both within and outside the work environment.

So we have a talk for Entrepreneurs and Business Managers and owners. Especially the ones really looking to develop new era organisations, triple bottom line businesses and non profit projects. 

Deborah Hillairet


Wonderful, inspirational and just so damn good!!

Some workshops in UK, US, South Africa, Vietnam

Our Topics

Jump, Fall, Fly

Could Children be Happier?

After a 10 year journey that has taken them half way around the world and from being traditional schooling focused parents to radical alternative education advocates, authors Lehla and Anthony say a resounding Yes!

Based on their book, Jump, Fall, Fly, they show how giving up the very things we think are best for our children’s future and embracing ideas that seem to fly in the opposite direction, children and parents can become happier, more relaxed and better equipped to master the fast evolving (and fast approaching) future.

That future has immense challenges not least those of our changing ecological systems and climate. They show how the best way to tackle these challenges and opportunities for the future lie in developing a free mind, creativity and emotional intelligence.

Ellen Roland


You are doing amazing things with your kids and inspiring others.

Key Takeaways:

  • The 7 Keys to focus on when living and caring for children that will make happiness more likely
  • How to spot the three behaviours that rob children of autonomy, confidence and curiosity
  • How to know what habits to build and which ones to give up when caring for kids so as to prime them for joy
  • The elements of family rhythm (focus, relationships, energy, stimuli, time)
  • The best way to tackle the reality of social conflict, ecological challenges and suffering
  • The five kinds of conversations you need to have for healthy family collaboration

Amazon Reader

What an amazing read! It’s not often a book makes you rethink essential concepts, foundational principles and core beliefs like “Jump, Fall, Fly”. I was delighted, entertained, stimulated and challenged on a topic that could have easily been dry or ordinary 

Unschooling the Parents!

No matter how much love you have and how much you want the best for children and young people the biggest barrier to bringing about change is all about... you!

This is good news because changing yourself is much easier than changing everyone else! 

In this talk you will learn the practical ways to recognise where you can make quick and positive changes by changing yourself. This releases confidence, passion and hope in you and this has benefits for everyone.

 We show how bringing about a positive environment for children and young people is not about what they do but about what you do. Whatever your educational and learning choices are (and we do not advocate you do what we have done and abandon the whole system) your children's outcomes will be improved if, first and foremost, stress is managed and joy is nurtured

Key Takeaways:

  • How to spot when it is time to change yourself and not the kids
  • How to spot the three assassins that rob people of freedom to learn
  • Why you are a much better parent than you often think you are and how to use the 'wedge' principle toolkit
  • How to use storytelling to inspire yourself and your kids to dream big dreams and let go of the past
  • How to live your life from a meaning centred place inside you that connects you and your kids to community and positive action. 

Event attendees say.....

“It was a really wonderful experience, I could have continued for day. I am leaving a more enriched person.” 
“It was fulfilling and amazing and the structure of the workshop made me feel inspired and motivated” 


What Unschooled Children can Teach us

We want entrepreneurs to be successful. Not least because entrepreneurs are providing some of the much needed ways we can solve some of our social and environmental challenges.

There are no absolutes but entrepreneurial success rests on a mix of influences, character traits, psychological background and luck.

Drawing on almost a decade long journey of raising their children to be free and unschooled, Lehla and Anthony Eldridge-Rogers  will show how re examining the process of learning, schooling and the relationship with teachers and carers can help entrepreneurs unlock more of the vital skills they need to succeed and organisations to foster the entrepreneurial spirit to drive business success.

In this talk you'll discover how to develop the core drivers of the will to entrepreneurship. (Courage, discrimination, empathy, a 'no' voice, stubbornness, flexibility, purpose, and compromise).

How people who develop this 'will' are impervious to the shame of failure for they define it themselves despite convention and herd thinking. This allows fast recovery and stimulates creativity.

We will explore the ways that how we learn as children can both improve our chances of success in setting up our own enterprises but also be a barrier. We will also explore and learn what we can all do to foster the entrepreneurial spirit by harnessing meaning and purpose.

Key Takeaways:

  • How entrepreneurship is naturally occurring in all of us and what three things bury it deep in our childhoods
  • How and when to rebel against systems and why we should foster rebellion in businesses and organisations, especially in the next 10 years
  • Why successful entrepreneurs are not the smartest people in the room and don't want to be
  • Why entrepreneurs don't mind failing too much
  • Why insane curiosity is both the entrepreneurs best but riskiest asset

Federay Holmes

Writer/Theatre Director

…these guys will try ANYTHING – with a furious, tenacious, honest and giggly joy. And if there is a rule to their game it seems to be that anyone can join in and ANYTHING might happen. To be in their company is a little bit of magic.

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The present belongs to all of us, here and now. The future belongs to all our children.