We had the pleasure of talking to the inspiring, informative, warm hearted Akilah Richards. Here she talks about mothering, comunication, creativity, writing, self governance and she shares how she and her husband unschool their two girls.


Akilah S. Richards is an author, content writer, and podcaster. Her liberation-focused work

explores strategies designed to help people leave or change the environments where they do not

feel free or safe as themselves. She is an intersectional feminist writer with a keen focus on

amplifying the spectrum of Black and Brown people’s voices in the Self-Directed Education


Akilah has given keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops on radical self-expression,

personal leadership, and writing on college campuses and women’s summits/conferences in the

US and on her home island, Jamaica. She has been featured in Essence and Real Simple

magazines, and has written for,,,, and, among others.

Akilah and her husband are digital nomads who live an unschooled life with their two daughters.

She stands in service as a board member for Greening Youth Foundation and the The Alliance

for Self-Directed Education.

Akilah Richards Links.

Find her on Instagram at here


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