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Unschooling; How does learning go on outside of a classroom?

Kids just keep learning whether they are in school or not, they are designed to learn, they learn to walk, talk, eat, go to the toilet. They learn all these things naturally and when outside of the schooling

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Keeping Kids and Ourselves Creative is so Important in Challenging Times

When the news is all gloom and doom it is easy to give up and think ‘whats the point’ but I feel that now is the time to be extra creative, what ever that means to you. I was very lucky to

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The First Step Toward Unschooling: Unschooling the Parents.

‘Just let me live my life’ were the words that came out of my sons mouth yesterday as I tried to teach him about following a recipe. He was furious. He was wanting to cook, I was wanting to help him

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Why we Hackschool and don’t bring traditional schooling in to our home

I want to explain that I won’t cry my eyes out and become very cross and upset if my son cannot read well yet, or even if he can’t get there in the next year, he is 10. Or if my daughters at

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How does a day play out in an unschooling household?

I have peppered this post with words that show what subjects are being learnt as the day goes on. But in truth who knows what is being learnt, who knows what goes in to a childs mind, ever. If one needs

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