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Children read when they are ready

I read to our daughters till they were eleven. I sat up at night, read books, tantalized them with stories. There was always that nagging feeling, that school-like gremlin of mine that would tap me on

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Unschooling and the art of letting go of fear.

It is so easy to be gripped by fear. Fear is like a witch casting spells over everything. I can excel in hooking on to her skirt of anxious thoughts, I can fly with her but, in the land of unschooling

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Four Points to Fearless Living…

Fear and I have been really good mates, the fearful lady has lived rent free in my head for a long time, in fact the fearful lady over the years has entertained my inner gremlins and had a party in my

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A confidence crisis in the heart of Italy and how to be a girl cricketer.

The other day we were invited in to Perugia to go to a cricket match in a tiny weeny street in Perugia. We fell upon an international oasis of joy. There was an Australian team, headed up by one Australian

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If Schooling Kills Creativity Does Unschooling Bring Creativity Back to Life?

I love Ken Robinson’s talk but do schools kill creativity… To me the answer to that is yes and no, to me creativity never went away in the first place. Do Schools Kill Creativity? I don’t

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Where are all the men then?

If you look around at the debate about unschooling and alternative education it can seem as if it’s a debate and discussion that involves more women than men.

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