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Uplifting the Next Generation and Gently Changing the Course of History during a Global Pandemic

So, here we are now in this moment and we have the power to make everything change, we can do things differently. In an instant we have the choice to think about how we show up. Even if we are completely

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The Best Time to Embrace Alternative Education is Now

We as a family are social distancing. I write this from my bed, my daughter is in isolation and coughing in the next door room, the other one is in here finishing her college essay, I can hear my son gaming

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When sending your kids to school is just not working out anymore

Perhaps it is time to jump? Whilst sending our children to school I had a nagging feeling that I wasn’t telling the truth, to them or to myself. Do I have to go to school? Fake me; Yes Real Me; (No)

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