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Letting go of Perfect

Don’t expect to get it all right and be perfect, there is no such thing as getting it right. Give yourself a break. Give up the feeling that things should be going a certain way and that you should have

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Enjoy What You Have

Sometimes, having one or both parents at home means that your finances can run extremely low, I am particularly feeling this today! Especially if you have lost your work due to the coronavirus. Resources

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What is Self Directed Learning?

Right now one daughter is the computer, on the Khan Academy, my other daughter is cooking, my son is on a new scooter that was kindly donated to him by another very generous worldschooler. The kids choose

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‘Unless your children go to school they will be NOTHING’ an unexpected lesson from the wood man.

After the wood man had dropped the wood, when I was paying him, he quizzed me about our kids schooling. As they all skipped around the van he was curious as to why they were not in school. After I told

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What is Unschooling Anyway?

This is what I, Lehla mean by Unschooling. I do find it tricky having a label slapped on anything. So for the purpose of basic communication we are ‘unschooling’. But what does that actually mean?

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