A Free Ebook on Learning to Read as a Self Directed Learner

I stopped worrying about making my daughter learn to read, at aged 10, once I listened to her words. She said ‘Please can you stop worrying about me reading and just leave me alone’ and this was unheard of for me, as I hadn’t quite got the unschooling thing. I was chasing her around, trying to get her to sit down with me, the stress levels were high, I was being annoying. She knew it, I knew it.

She told me to stop! I did and it was amazing. It was me that was the problem, I had to learn to let go. That has been the biggest lesson in this unschooling journey but the upside is your childs mental health, freedom and happiness. What could be a better gift to give your child?


Here is a PDF for you to read the full story…


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