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Ok, So my name is Hattie (Hattie-Boo, Hat, Hats, Harriet) I am from the north of England. I am a ‘workaway’ for this awesome family. I lived with them for five weeks in summer and I absolutely couldn’t say no to returning as soon as I could. So here I am, back at the kitchen table in October. Too my delight it is still hot (well a lot warmer than England!).

Today has been a busy day, making a future mobile home inspired flying machine out of whatever we could find with Amari and Olive and helping Jahli make an origami ebook. It was a typical day here full of laughter, fun, creativity and just general daftness. I have learnt a lot about everything from these ‘typical days’ being part of this unschooled family.

I like to think (I hope) I am a very open and accepting person but obviously everyone has some sort of first impression or thoughts on a matter, so here were mine about homeschooling…

Before I came here I had some quite strong preconceptions of homeschooling and I hadn’t really heard of unschooling. The only recollection of homeschooling I had growing up was a family I knew of not far from where I lived. I was aware there were children in the family but I just didn’t see them so I thought that must be how homeschooling goes; staying at home and never getting out to meet people or go places like on school trips. I thought that they didn’t have many friends and that they didn’t learn as much as you would in school. I thought that you sat down with your parents learning from text books without as many resources as you do in school.

Then I heard there was such thing as unschooling I was curious but baffled by how it would work. I am always open to new ideas and going against the norm but this was really new to me. After spending so much time with these guys I have realised how unimportant all that structured schooling can be! We are learning together all day everyday. Ok ,so we aren’t sat in a class room learning what molecule is what and to be honest I have never needed any of that since the day I learnt it. I am learning from Amari, Olive and Jahli everyday and hopefully I have brought some new ideas and fun for them too. They know so much and are incredibly intelligent, because they learn what they want when they want. I mean who wouldn’t love that? It has really opened my mind to this way of ‘schooling’, I see so much energy buzzing around the house which is the best feeling!

There are loads of other kids coming through the doors all the time and this home is full of life and noise. I never have a day without laughing my head off. Its so fresh seeing such happy kids.

I love staying here and love letting my creative brain run a little wild with these guys. I can’t wait to watch Amari, Olive and Jahli grow up, they could be or do anything they want. I love this home! My preconceptions of homeschooling and my initial thoughts of unschooling have been completely erased.



  • your lucky to spend time with the lovelies….

  • lehla says:

    We were so lucky to spend time with Hattie, a gift of a woman!

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