Putting my family up onto a site like this? Bit Weird..

In this age of self-exposes where almost everything you can think of is online I am finding it quite odd to be starting this journey collectively with my wife and kids.  It has been a long time brewing and much thought and talked about. From the Troll Scares to the potential charges of egomania through to plain old fashioned (and a little British) reserve that flaunting yourself and family online is a little unseemly!

Never the less here we are and are going to be. Why then are we doing it? Well, many reasons….and in weighing it all up we feel, I feel, that the benefits outweigh the possible problems.

It is not simple. Doing what we are doing. It has not been an easy choice. Is still not an easy choice which, for those of you who might be reading this who are trying the same or similar things and who might relate, is a road less travelled when looking against the prevailing attitudes to education.

But in fact I think far more people are interested in alternative ways of looking at what it is to raise children and develop their learning. And this in part is why we thought to write the book. Ok the real reason we are writing the book is to help ourselves. There is something about focussing on how we got here, what we think we are doing and what comes next that is hugely beneficial to me and I think Lehla and also for the children

I spend much of my life thinking about and pondering human beings. I work with people to develop wellness and recovery from healthcare challenges. Before that all started I made films and tv shows and worked for the BBC in Africa ….well there is a lot more to all of that and many other things too so won’t get into that here but guess I am fascinated about what we are all about, what makes us tick, what are we capable of of, what do we do that we would rather not and what could we do that we don’t.  In short I am curious about people. Having kids of my own was a shock as of course I got a starring role..DAD. Once I recovered from having twins I became even more keen on some vital questions that can all be summed up in………How can I make sure I don’t mess up being a Dad……..and so here we are, living in part my imperfect answer to that question and of course many others.

Anyway, looking forward to connecting with any of you out there interested in your own questions about what it is to be a parent of children in these times and, I hope, sharing some ideas and learning from you too…..


  • Bob Singha says:

    I love you, the family, this site, the idea and the honesty. That is all.

  • Hi Ant, I really enjoyed reading your blog and think the family project is a great idea. Good luck with your journey with this! Hopefully it will also be a good way for us to communicate with you all and to share ideas. Lots of love, Simon xx

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