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Some of your questions answered about Unschooling

Are you taking the kids out of society if they are not in school? Schooling is not the only gateway to social interaction or societal involvement. So yes we are definitely part of society. If you see society

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Unschooling or Mainstream Education?

Imagine a child supported by an adult who assists them in their journey whilst they follow their dreams and passions. It is kind of like this… ‘I am not going to tell you what to do, when or

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What is learning anyway?

An excerpt from ‘Jump, Fall, Fly’ written by Anthony Eldridge Rogers One of the main focuses of unschooling is related to learning. And out of this come many of the insecurities about alternative

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THE INTRODUCTION of JUMP, FALL, FLY- from schooling to homeschooling to unschooling

Introduction This book started out as a book about schooling, or to be more precise our children’s learning. Which up until the around the time they were born we had expected would involve an ongoing

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What is Unschooling Anyway?

This is what I, Lehla mean by Unschooling. I do find it tricky having a label slapped on anything. So for the purpose of basic communication we are ‘unschooling’. But what does that actually mean?

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