Unschooling or Mainstream Education?

Imagine a child supported by an adult who assists them in their journey whilst they follow their dreams and passions.

It is kind of like this…

‘I am not going to tell you what to do, when or how to do it, neither am I going to expect results from you. If you feel like it you can tell me what you love at the moment, and I will assist you if I can and if you want me to…’

It is quite a thought, as a child if you spontaneously feel inspired to learn something, one specific thing, at a specific moment you can, the world opens up. Anything is possible.

Unschooling’s main goal is to promote positive life experiences and whilst doing that the child learns. It relies on the consent of the child when it comes to learning. Think about that. It is up to the child. No adult makes a child learn something they simply do not want to learn. The days activities are discussed collaboratively. The child’s voice is heard. The child decides what they want to do through out the day.

I was scripted by my schooling experience to believe that learning was something that was dictated to me, that it comes from outside of me. Learning happens as naturally as breathing when fuelled by interest and passion and it is great to watch a child naturally unfold in to who they actually are. Isn’t that something we as adults strive to do through out our whole lives, to show up as who we genuinely are…

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