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Am Excited as an Unschooling Mum to be part of Skype’s Literacy Campaign!

Some of you who follow my blog might be wondering why is Lehla doing a literacy campaign for schools?? When she is an unschooling Mum?!! Here are the reasons, I love the fact that that I can connect with

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To All the Changemakers Embracing New Ways of Learning

  I was really intrigued by the fact that I was called a ‘junkie’ yesterday, admittedly a technology junkie but a ‘junkie’ all the same. In fact the whole family were called ‘Technology

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Is it possible to do anything other than unschool (ie work) when you unschool your children?.

That is a question I ask myself a lot. Right now I am sitting the kitchen, I have a bowl of muesli to my left which my son made for me and my daughter is showing me the fact that our cat has dyed his three

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The World in My Living Room and the Beauty of the School in the Cloud…

The world is moving fast technologically. Our kids will quickly out-run us with their abilities on a computer and on keeping up with the web. We have decided to embrace it for all its positive aspects

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