Picture No 5. EAT WELL

I was meant to post yesterday, as I committed to doing this for a week but I didn’t as it was my birthday! So anyway here is this  little post about self care, a day late but hey, here is day five!

Eat well and drink lots of water. In my moments of feeling isolated or stressed when I was in Italy I found myself with my head in the cupboard or fridge eating a lot of chocolate and crisps, especially around 4pm. I felt bloated and had low energy. For me it is easy to get in to the habit of nibbling at crappy food when I feel overwhelmed and tired.

So fill that cupboard up with good healthy food.

Eat well, drink lots of water and also in that way you will be teaching your children to do the same and that information will set them off on the right path for the rest of their lives and you will feel better and more energized too.

Look after yourself.

Ok am going to grab a large glass of water!

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