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A Free Ebook on Learning to Read as a Self Directed Learner

I stopped worrying about making my daughter learn to read, at aged 10, once I listened to her words. She said ‘Please can you stop worrying about me reading and just leave me alone’ and this

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A Parent’s Guide on how to make your children love reading. (Don’t)

The first thing I would say is don’t make children love reading, you can’t. Support their natural inspiration and drive to learn to read because they are curious and they want to. Some ideas on how

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A Letter to a Parent About reading

This is what I would I have told my worried self about reading and my children about three years ago. One of children was diagnosed with Irlen’s syndrome and so I was very stressed about whether

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Children read when they are ready

I read to our daughters till they were eleven. I sat up at night, read books, tantalized them with stories. There was always that nagging feeling, that school-like gremlin of mine that would tap me on

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