Me and the Wood Man.

Lehla Wood

As I was stacking the wood, Ant, my husband talked about when we should order our next bunch of wood from the wood man. And I said I think ‘I would like to order from another wood man’. And he said ‘WHAT???? After ALL HE GAVE YOU? You should be thanking that wood man!!!’

If you don’t know what I am talking about click here…

I gave him a sideways glance and I thought about it, he was right. With out his harsh words I wouldn’t have heard all your lovely stories, the story about a strong woman and her unschooled children who met many wood men on thier journey. Her children are now big and following their passions and doing really really well. Most importantly they are very happy.

I wouldn’t have recieved the beautiful e mails that talked about the wood man and where other wood men show up  in other people’s lives. Some of you shouted about him, some were philosphical, some were angry, some were kind and empathetic.

But thanks to him. He has brought me more than just wood.

In around 6 weeks, I will be ordering more wood from the wood man. When I meet him, I will look him bodly in the eye. I will have all your stories and good words inside me. He will deliver his wood and he will or will not leave his words at the gate. He and you would have taught me that I don’t have to listen to him or take on his harsh words and judgements.

Mr Wood man I look forward to the day you bring me some more wood.

  • cafemielgirl says:

    wonderful! may i say, the photo of you with the axe is cool – and a bit scary. you look as though you’re ready to, well, pounce upon the wood man. 🙂

  • Wow! I don’t think I would be that wood man for all the tea in China (….or even all the wood in Italy). Looks like he has one very formidable woman waiting for him, and a more philosophical one at that.
    But maybe lower that axe just a tad Lehla ….
    Love, Si x

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