Project based learning and Self-directed learning. Learning through what life is offering you…


Cast and crew filming


‘Step away from the desks, grab your ideas children and fly beyond what you ever imagined could be possible.’


By the fluke of the universe, the way magic works and sheer luck, if is there such a thing… we have landed a wonderful ‘Workaway’ person who is a script writer and a film maker. This week the kids decided to work on projects. I helped them and I threw a few ideas out there, click here to see the list!


One of our daughters ran with one of the ideas and has decided to make a film. This morning, she and our film maker/screen writer friend, another documentary maker friend and a whole cast of kids walked up to the castle which is near us to make a film. In doing this film she has had to stretch her brain.


She has learnt to write a script.

She is learning about story telling.

She is learning about shots, when shots are good and what makes a good shot?

She is learning about costume.

She is learning how to direct and get what she wants as best as possible.

She is learning to negotiate.

She is learning that carrying all the props and costumes to the castle is really heavy work, especially on a hot day.

She is learning to take the ideas from her head and make them in to a reality.

She is making her first film.




(This picture is the D.O.P Beau Stucki and the director Olive chatting over the script!)

I have found that when we relax and open the doors to life, people and the possibility that things are do-able then learning flows naturally. The leaps are endless. I am loving watching the kids immerse themselves in project based self-directed learning. Although they may not realize it, they have two experts in their fields assisting them along the way. How lucky are they, if lucks exists.


And I am very feeling grateful.


  • Looking forward to seeing the film 🙂

  • ellenrowland says:

    This is so awesome Lehla! I’m definitely exploring workaway when we get back from our trip! Looking forward to seeing this film! Thanks for sharing the possibilities you and your family embrace. Loved chatting with you on Skype!

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