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Are you good at self care on this parenting journey?

7 steps to remind you and me of self care. As self care should always be a priority and what we do influences how our children look after themselves.

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Where have they gone?

But what I have also been thinking about is that there will be a time when they will be gone and out of the house and it feels like time is racing by, sand speeding through an hourglass…

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Unschooling, parenting and getting help.

I cannot do unschooling on my own. So I don’t. I open up the doors, and let other people in. I have an in-built hero habit, where I try to do it all which ultimately serves no one, least of all the

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Is it possible to do anything other than unschool (ie work) when you unschool your children?.

That is a question I ask myself a lot. Right now I am sitting the kitchen, I have a bowl of muesli to my left which my son made for me and my daughter is showing me the fact that our cat has dyed his three

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Learning to step in to the boy’s world…

There is so much about being a mother of a boy that I don’t understand, that is not inherently in my bones, that I sometimes have to turn to my husband and ask ‘what is this boy thing all about?’

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How do you teach your daughters to be powerful?

What does that mean anyway? To have power? Power can be a bit of a scary word. Wars have been fought over power. Maybe for me it means that our girls will be able to stand in their power when they are

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